Branching out

Way to go

Today’s Blog is about a small time driving school called Superdrive Academy who want to branch out to provide their services in other towns and cities throughout Hampshire and Wiltshire. The driving school has gone through a complete re-brand and created a new identity, look and feel. Even the way the operate has changed as they are now hiring franchisees to work alongside them. The inspiration was after having a conversation with Piers who was from another driving school called 360 Drier Training.

Superdrive Academy is the brain child of the owner of Shaun’s Driving School in Andover. Shaun has trained many people to become driving instructors in his home town and is one of the best driving schools in andover. His dreams and ambitions of owning a multi-car driving school was just always niggling away at him and he couldn’t get out of his head this desire to grow and expand as a driving school. It was like a scratch that just couldn’t be itched. The area and town the Shaun’s Driving School operated in was classed to be small, the town is called Andover and it’s just a satellite town off the A303 in Hampshire. The market wasn’t huge and there where already approximately 18 other driving schools operating in the town so you could say that the town was already saturated with driving schools.

Prior to Shaun making the leap into expanding his own driving school, he had always trained people to become driving instructors, albeit on a part time basis. I think there are probably four of the driving schools in Andover that Shaun trained up and they then went on to establish their very own successful driving schools. So, in a way, Shaun is now competing with driving instructors he previously trained. Not your usual situation I suppose hey?

So, Shaun started a re-branding exercise and Superdrive Academy was born. Although Shaun’s existing website for Shaun’s Driving School still exist, he decided to leave this up as he has a very good positioning on Google. It’s much better to have that good place and good ranking on Google than let somebody else have it. In a way, it’s like a bit of real estate but on the web. One of the difficult things is explaining to potential customers who originally contact Shaun’s Driving Schools is that a name change and re-brand has taken place.

Because the local market is saturated, he doesn’t want to have more than three of four cars in his local town. Once this has been accomplished, he can then work on getting driving instructors in to neighboring towns and perhaps using the same strategy. In essence, pretty much the same business model and marketing model as The Academy of Driving in Peckham, London.