Welcome to the Driving Instructor Views blogging website. This blog site is by no way any means an official website for any of the products, courses or industry related articles that we are featuring or blogging about. Any brands, products or companies such as Superdrive Academy mentioned are at the complete own personal views of the blog master and are not official company product statements, reviews or statistics. These are just the comments and feedback we have gained from our customers who form part of the general public and will include articles about other driving schools such as Scholar Driving School in Newport, Wales. Although, we have formally interviewed Superdrive Academy so we acknowledge this in our articles. For example, we have inside information about the driving instructor industry from Bob who owns https://www.bobmedleyschoolofmotoring.co.uk Bob talks about the changes he’s seen to the driving instructor industry over his 20 years of experience.

Speaking about the public, I just want to quickly mention who we’ve got reviews from and who we’re going to try and get reviews from, honestly, you won’t beleive us who we’re trying to give us a review. For example, we’ve got average Joe Bloggs from a normal driving school such as Dev from Hereford Driving School, he’s renowned for being one of the best ADI’s in Hereford and the rumours are he’s a right character. Plus, we’re hoping to hear back from people who have been said to be moving around celebrity circles. I’m not giving away any clues yet but the rumours are that we’ve got somone who’s appeared in the TV programme Top Gear. Yep, that’s right and I really hope we can pull this off.

To start off with, we’re going to be looking at prices and what ADI’s are charging for standard driving lessons for 2018 and then rolling back through time and looking at what they would have been earning. We’re also going to be keeping an eye on our market and hopefully give you some reviews of any new products and apps that will be coming out in this year and what the future is for some driving schools such as Shaun’s Driving School in Andover and Rob Gould Driver Training who have both been going for years, here’s Rob’s business page https://robgoulddrivertraining.co.uk


We’re also going to be featuring in our Blogs driving schools who are just starting up and coming into the market and some of the challenges they are facing such as Wanna Drive Well who has just literally stepped into the market. As mentioned earlier, there’s also an article about one driving school called Rob Gould Driver Training in Romford who’s only working part-time and just operates their driving school at weekends

Tow of the most interesting articles I’m going to be writing about are two separate driving schools from two different parts of the country. One is called The Academy of Driving and the other is called Progress Driving School. The Academy of Driving is based in Peckham, South London and Progress Driving School are based in Cannock in the Midlands. Both of these driving schools are looking to expand and take on franchisees.

Are new driving school businesses facing a hard time when they step into the market? You can find out more about this here.